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Built by Fontaine Pajot, year 2005
La Rochelle, France

A large size vessel for up to 12 persons, with a great comfort level and full equipment set for any weather, distance, and lifestyle.
Bahia model has four main twin bed suites, and four single beds, two of which are in separate cabins and two inside each hull, together with a huge wardrobe.

Four bathrooms with showers and automatic toilets in each suite. Wide salon with a galley/kitchen, fridge, and oven. Large open-roofed cockpit. Not forgetting the huge terrace – foredeck – typical for FP!

Built by Fontaine Pajot, year 1998 
La Rochelle, France

A large size vessel for 8 to 10, max 12 persons, with a high comfort level and the best value for money. A well-built, comfy catamaran, for any experiences at sea from party style to long-distance explorations of far exotic islands.

Four double cabins, each with a bathroom / WC (four) and two single bed forepeak cabins. Wide leather saloon with a fully equipped galley/kitchen. Wide-open cockpit to fit 12 and more.
Huge terrace-like foredeck.


While we are still mostly sailing the universe of the Greek isles…

We also offer options for sailing cruises exploring the neighboring countries like Croatia, Albania, Turkey, Italy, Bulgaria…

CHOOSE A TRIP ROUTE according to your wishes and challenges

The earlier you write or call us, the wider the possibilities you can define for a trip with us or our boats.

The later charterers will have to depend on the already set updates and places, prearranged earlier by other sailors and crews.

Most often our vessels cruise the Aegean and Ionian seas. This is a universe of islands, bays, towns… waters, and lands in an amazing correlation. We are visiting the most interesting places on the Greek mainland, as well as over 700 Greek islands of the Sporades, Cyclades, Saronic, Dodecanese, Ionian, and other archipelagos.

This sort of trip contains a large variety of emotions. Weather conditions, Land lifestyles, harbor moods, remote beauties – barren or flourishing, authentic town environment, fishermen villages and skills, or isolated and uninhabited island bays and anchorages.

Sample one-week or two-week routes are exposed in the next section. Of course, all the routes have to be verified, according to the weather’s goodwill, which in Greece is almost always there, and even if there are some waves and wind, dealing with this is an additional experience you’ll never forget.

Depending on your dominant lifestyle preferences and interests: culture, ethnography, architecture, fishing, diving, snorkeling, learning sailing techniques, or simply relaxing in remote bays under the Mediterranean sun, you may choose your route for sailing, discuss it with the skippers and turn it into a self-opted unforgettable vacation for yourself.


Dimitar 1

Dimitar 1 is a skipper and boat owner for already more than 10 years. A connoisseur in the Greek waters and the Greek island life, Dimitar 1 is also an educated architect (MA), who can show you the most charming but not known to everyone and sometimes well hidden unique places of interest: bars, taverns, monasteries, villages, archaeological and architectural sites, and monuments, but also natural phenomena, waterfalls, volcanoes, fishing areas and much more…

Dimitar 2

Dimitar 2 is a skipper and professional sailor and boat owner, with wide technical skills and capacities. As a winner in catamaran regattas, he can teach you sailing and winning but is also able to dismantle the vessel and assemble it back. Dimitar2 is an expert in Greek life, culture, and language, but also in the kitchen, cheeses, wines, sweets, etc.



Prices for the charter are per week and without a skipper. They vary depending on the season period, rising gradually from April to August and reducing from September to November.

The week price covers the boat rental fee together with all the boat’s basic equipment. Some more specialized equipment is offered extra. You may choose a bareboat charter, in case you have your licensed skipper or a skippered charter, if you prefer to rely on our qualified skippers, who are also co-owners of the boats (except being the best and most fun 🙂 ). You pay an additional fee for the skippers’ services. The standard minimum fee in Greece and the whole of Europe is about 1000 euros per week. Depending on the season or the skipper’s qualifications, small discounts might be possible.
Not included in the charter price is a regular service pack – an obligatory extra fee that covers: End cleaning of the boat; bed sheets/linen, towels; cooking gas; outboard engine and fuel for the RIB dinghy boat (3.1m);

The charterer pays separately also the remaining, variable, extra costs: the diesel, consumed by the catamaran for a week (the amounts stated are for not more than 5 hours of motor sailing per day) and also the mooring, water, electricity, and other service fees in different ports. (Note that if the clients visit marinas these costs would be considerably higher.)

Transport to and from the port of boarding and also food expenses are not included.

The insurance policy of the boats requires a Security deposit to be collected from every charterer before departure, to cover any possible damages that might be caused by him during the charter period. For details – check the contract agreement form upon signing it.

Standard discounts are 5-10% for early bookings and more than one week of a charter, but contact us for more possible ones! On certain occasions, we might offer discounts up to 30% off the prices!

Bareboat price
per week
Bareboat price
per week
Before 25.04 & After 07.11€2600€2200
25.4 - 23.05 & 17.10 - 07.11€3600€2950
23.05 - 20.06 & 26.09 - 17.10€4700€3800
20.06 - 01.08 & 29.08 - 26.09€5850€4200
01.08 - 29.08€6600€4750
Extra costs
per week
Service pack
Service pack
Extra costs
per week
(if required)
(if required)
Diesel fuelDiesel fuel
Port feesPort fees
Refundable costs
Security depositSecurity deposit


First, you need to define the preferred period of your sailing. Second – the preference area of your trip. Then see the calendar for both catamarans, as to define which one is free for the requested period. The next thing to do is write to us with your request and our staff will come to you back ASAP.




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    Before choosing a week, please check the availability in the calendar!